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Do you want to be proud of the beauty of the landscaping in your backyard, and around your home? Do you know that you can create any type of style you want? Green Grass III Landscaping is the best landscape contractor in Pembroke Pines, FL and all surrounding areas, providing the community with some of the most reliable services around. Since 2001, our specialists have been delivering outstanding landscape services to anyone in need. There isn’t another local company that can offer the same thorough and dedicated services. We can help you plan, design, and build the sanctuary you have dreamed of. Our expert designers can be relied on for virtually anything.

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  • Commercial / Residential,
  • Landscape Designs,
  • Concrete Borders,
  • Decorative Floors,
  • Lawn Maintenance,
  • Landscape Borders,
  • Concrete Border Repair,
  • Concrete Curbing.

The professional landscapes architects on our team are experienced craftsmen of the trade, and are ready to handle your project. They are equipped with everything needed, in order to provide you with the best services in town. The equipment we use is of the latest technology, helping us further improve our work. It allows us to work faster, and in a more detailed manner. Green Grass III Landscaping is a landscape designer that can help you create any setting you wish. Our years of experience, have helped us become a master landscaper in Pembroke Pines, FL. We focus on meeting all your requirements, and keeping nature around us in good shape at the same time.

Green Grass III Landscaping
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Every landscaper should inspect each area undergoing construction thoroughly, before they begin work. Our company offers full project management for every location we work on. We will evaluate your backyard, and come up with a work plan for each stage of the project. Our specialists will not start working until you are acquainted with the project. One of the goals of our landscaping company, is to educate our clients, and provide information about anything they are not familiar with. If you are thinking about the use of slate, flagstone, h-brick, brick stamps, running bonds, angle brick grout, or other landscaping design, be sure to call us. We are the leading landscape contractor in the area, and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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We offer lawn care services that will have your backyard greener than ever. We service trees, bushes, and all plants, making sure they are healthy and strong. We work precisely, and always make sure to meet all your needs. If you need any sort of lawn maintenance, our landscaping company can send a team of professional landscapes architect that will help you overcome any problem you maybe experiencing.

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Green Grass III Landscaping was able to create great scenery, where me and my husband can relax in the evening. They are a locally owned company, and are very... Read more reviews

Woman trimming hedges with shearsAs a landscape designer, we will create an environment that you and your whole family will be able to enjoy fully. You will have a great place where you can welcome guests, and take advantage of the outdoors. Our landscape services focuses on excellence, and always makes sure that the requirements of our clients are fully met. We understand that you have high expectations, and our experts will do everything they can to satisfy you fully.

If you are looking for a reliable landscaping and lawn maintenance service in Pembroke Pines, FL or any surrounding area, call Green Grass III Landscaping today at (954) 256-1481.